Builders Warranty Inspection

What is a one year “Builder’s Warranty Inspection”?

This is an inspection designed specifically for homes that are still less than 1 year old and still under the builders warranty.  The builder is responsible for most defects on a new home for a period of one year.

Did the builder call to remind you that your home warranty was about to expire?  Probably not!

Normally it is up to you, the home owner, to contact the builder to inform them that there are problems with the home that need to be fixed.  This is a professional inspection that will provide you with a detailed written report and digital photos to identify areas that are of highest concern and ready for presentation to your builder.  Our inspection covers all major systems including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roof and testing of the mechanical systems and components.

Mossmann Inspections offers this service for homeowners who were unaware that we provide a builder’s warranty inspection, (Phase Four Inspections) for new construction. While many items are now concealed, it’s not too late for defects to be caught by the trained eye of an inspector. Our experience tells us that most major construction flaws go unnoticed for 3-5 years. By this time, correcting these flaws could cost many thousands of dollars to remedy, and the builder is no longer responsible. It is unfortunate that most of these flaws go unnoticed until it is too late and extensive damage has occurred.  Assisting in preventing this risk and the possibility of future costly repairs is the goal of our "New One Year Home Builder’s Warranty Inspection".  Most new homeowners are amazed with our findings and will tell their neighbors about this service.